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Introducing Anniversary Editions to Celebrate 100 Years

Introducing Anniversary Editions to Celebrate 100 Years


Like blue moons and jeans that fit perfectly, centennial anniversaries don’t come around very often. So when one does, it’s definitely something worth celebrating.

Such is the case with Pyrex® glassware, which celebrates 100 years in 2015. And in an age where consumer products come and go like fashion trends, longevity is no small feat. In honor of this milestone event, Pyrex brand—one of the most trusted names in glass cooking and storage products—is introducing limited editions of several of its most popular products. The items featured in this campaign, dubbed “Raise Your Glass,” include:

To pay homage to the brand’s iconic stature in America’s kitchens, Pyrex brand product designers reinterpreted a 1960s look for the measuring cups and storage containers. They’ll be adorned with a repeating three-dot motif that recalls the Golden Era of Pyrex glassware. Presented in vibrant colors, the design pulls off some visual magic: A look that’s retro cool and fashion-forward at the same time.

The storage containers come in two color themes. The three containers in the “Centennial” line feature red, white and blue dots. The other two containers fall under a color theme called “Vintage Future,” featuring vibrant green and turquoise dots.

The measuring cups also contribute to the color-fest with bold green markings on the 1-cup, blue or turquoise dots on the 2-quart cups and vivid red dots on the 4-quart cup. (And for traditionalists, there’s also a white 1-cup.) Now that’s what we call a measure of success!

This collection of special anniversary products is easy to find in retail stores; just look for the eye-catching displays that reflect the prominent role Pyrex glassware has played in American kitchens for a century. And while these limited edition products offer bold new graphics on the outside, they’re still the same on the inside, featuring the innovative, tempered, tough, made-in-the-USA Pyrex glass that’s oven-, microwave-, refrigerator-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe.

Pyrex brand also plans to hold a mobile marketing campaign touring the country this summer. Events on the tour will feature product giveaways as well as the world’s largest measuring cup, which is 1500 times larger than the 2-cup model that is Pyrex glassware’s best-selling measuring cup. (To find tour details, check back with Pyrex100.com to see if the cup is coming to a town near you!)


Take a picture with your favorite Pyrex piece and hashtag #RaiseYourGlassSweeps to link back to the Pyrex social sweepstakes and raise your glass to wish your iconic cooking partner a Happy Birthday. Here’s to the next 100 years!

YOUR TURN: Which quintessential Pyrex glassware product is your longest-running favorite?