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Sweet! Patriotic Treats, Made in the USA

Sweet! Patriotic Treats, Made in the USA

Free. Pair that adjective with just about any noun to create phrases that induce instant smiles and relaxation. Free lunch, free ride, free drinks, free samples, free time, free country.

And that leads us to the ultimate freebie—freedom! We Americans take the whole day and night (and sometimes even more) to celebrate that one. So in honor of Independence Day, we’ve put together a fun collection of colorful patriotic treats and drinks—just for you (for free!).


Brightly colored berries and whipped cream can turn almost any confection into an homage to Old Glory, but we found a couple of other red, white and blue-hued dessert ideas that’ll dazzle and delight, too!

STAR-SPANGLED SAMMIES. Divide sugar cookie dough, add red food coloring to one bowlful and blue to another, and bake up a couple sheets of colorful cookies. Sandwich a scoop of softened vanilla ice cream in between, gently flatten, then roll the edges in red, white and blue sugar and silver star-shaped sprinkles. Set sandwiches in a single layer in a PYREX® EASY GRAB® 3 QT. OBLONG BAKING DISH WITH BLUE PLASTIC LID, cover and place in freezer to firm up again, then serve.

FUDGE TO DYE FOR. Liven up white chocolate fudge with groovy swirls of red and blue like Deborah does on Taste and Tell. (She admits that she actually created this cool tie-dyed design by accident!)


Brighten up your party and give your munchies a patriotic makeover. Scatter them around in our limited edition Pyrex® 100 4 Cup 100th Anniversary Red Dot Storage Dish, Pyrex® 100 4 Cup 100th Anniversary White Dot Storage Dish and Pyrex® 100 4 Cup 100th Anniversary Blue Dot Storage Dish. Need ideas? Try these:

BOOM-BOOM CHOW: As irresistible as puppy kisses! Shanna from This idyllic Life tosses red, white and blue chocolate-coated candies with her kid-friendly kibble.

PEPPY POPCORN: Color a batch with liquified candy melts or add a few drops of food coloring to melted marshmallows and butter and toss. (For a more savory version, simply add food coloring and seasoning to melted butter and mix well with the popcorn.)

FIRECRACKER KRISPIES: As with the popcorn, simply tint the melted marshmallow-butter mixture in shades of red and blue. (Leave some “plain” to serve as the white.) Mold into fun shapes or just press each color into its own pan or dish, then cut into squares or stars (using cookie cutters) and thin rectangular “stripes” and serve. Or try layering each color on top of each other for a cool variegated effect.


Raise your glass to chill out and celebrate. Grab a Pyrex® 8 Cup Measuring Cup and mix up a cool, colorful concoction. We love the look of layered drinks, which can be made with or without alcohol. Slushies and shaved ice, milk shakes and smoothies can all be tinted, too. Check Pinterest and blogs for recipe ideas.


Freeze red or blue sports drinks, fruit juices or berry purees in ice molds, or simply set smaller whole berries in ice cube trays and fill with water. Freeze and add a little spirit to your drinks.

Need a better-for-you idea for patriotic goodies? Check out our easy how-to on delish chocolate-dipped strawberries.

As our Pyrex Measuring Cup Tour makes its way to the final stop in Philadelphia, PA, we raise our glass to all of you and thank you for making Pyrex glassware America’s favorite for 100 years! For tour details, check back with Pyrex100.com to see if the cup is coming to a town near you!

YOUR TURN: What are your most creative culinary ideas for celebrating our collective home sweet home? If Pyrex is part of your 4th of July celebration, send us a pic at #pyrex100.