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Top-10 Superstar Snack Ideas for Movie Night

Top-10 Superstar Snack Ideas for Movie Night

If you’re getting ready for the excitement of the Academy Awards, or just a fun family movie night, you can create an award-winning menu of movie-night snacks to enjoy while you watch.

Either way, these 10 award-worthy snack ideas and tips are perfect for a full-on film fete with family or friends, or a cozy hunker down for a solo movie marathon. We’ve got the goods to keep you munching all the way until the credits roll.

1.NUTTY FRUITY PARTY. Hit the bulk nut bins at the grocery store and get a few scoops of all your favorites. Top it off with dried fruits like cranberries, banana chips and coconut flakes for a sweet and satisfying trail mix that is a bit more healthy than that hot-buttered popcorn.

2.ANTIPASTO ACTION. Set out an appetizer tray of salty, spicy treats with olives, cured meats, pickles and homemade or store-bought marinated vegetables. Pair with a nice wine for decidedly grown-up movie fare.

3.MUCHO NACHOS. Whether a simple plate of chips and melted cheese, or a major movie cineplex creation with onion, olives, tomatoes, seasoned meat and guacamole, nachos are a surefire crowd-pleaser. Dig in!

4.POP GOES THE FLAVOR. Caramel? Check. Peanuts? Check. Cheese? Check. Wait, cheese? Yes, and it works! This ultimate Caramel, Peanut and Cheese Popcorn keeps your taste buds on their toes by starting out sweet, then surprising you with the tangy kick of cheese and the salty crunch of peanut. You’ll soon be addicted.

5.RAW-SOME. Pick your favorite fresh crudités for a health-conscious snack. Pile a serving dish high with carrots, celery, cucumbers and any other vegetables that you like. Tuck a couple of dipping sauces on the side and munch away.

6.CANDY LAND. No direction needed—feel free to improvise! Pick up your favorite candies, pour them into a dish (or simply open the bag or box) and enjoy. Or go for the best of all words and create an ultimate Candy Counter Movie Mix. It’ll be straight out of your childhood dreams.

7.SAY CHEESE. Sliced, cubed or crumbled, a tasty selection of cheeses always draws rave reviews. From cheddar to Havarti to Brie, simply arrange a variety on plate, add a tower of crackers and you’re set. In the mood for something new? Stop by a specialty cheese shop and ask the cheesemonger for advice and samples, and a favorite wine to pair it with on date night.

8.PIZZA FEST. Buy individual-size pizza crusts (or roll out your own dough), and offer a variety of fun toppings so each person can create their own and show their true character. Much more fun than tipping the delivery guy!

9.SHAKE IT UP. Pop that corn, but then go beyond the classic salt and butter. Set up a buffet of toppings that span a range of flavors—sweet, spicy, savory and even sour. Pinterest boasts a ton of unique ideas ranging from rosemary and Parmesan cheese to Sriracha to chocolate chips and marshmallows. Get creative with the chemistry.

10.SERIOUS SCOOP. On its own, cereal rocks ’round the clock. As part of an ensemble, you’ll discover pure movie-night magic.