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Beat the Heat: Cool Summer Lunches

Beat the Heat: Cool Summer Lunches

We’re feelin’ hot, hot, hot! Summer has finally arrived and we’re soaking in the sunshine and warm weather. And whether you’re spending the afternoon inside or enjoying the great outdoors, it’s good to go with a lunch that will help you beat the heat.

Plan a picnic, pack for a playdate or simply cool down your office eats with these quick and easy lunches you can whip up in a snap.


Salad is a summer staple, but you can only eat so many leafy greens before your taste buds beg for something a bit more exciting. Freshen up by incorporating new flavors and combos into your routine.

TIP: Store them in a large SNAPWARE TOTAL SOLUTION™ container for gatherings and get-togethers, or in smaller containers for several days’ worth of packed lunches.

Roll With Your Veggies

Raw veggies are a super-simple way to keep your lunch fresh. Go a step beyond adding dip and wrap ’em up to create a masterful medley of nutrient-packed deliciousness.

  • Raw zucchini makes a great wrap for “sushi” roll-ups. Check out this fun idea from For the Love of Food. (You can also try cucumber roll-ups with hummus, shredded veggies and turkey.)
  • Looking for something a bit more traditional? Try our easy Caprese Roll-Ups.

Sandwiches make up a substantial part of a summer lunch menu, but choices can easily become routine. Swap in a few new ingredients (or serving secrets), and you’ll see this staple in a whole new light!

  • Chill out by adding refreshing cucumber or avocado slices, or smear on a little of our Fiesta Guacamole Salsa to really finesse the flavor. Check out 20 Ways to Make Awesome Sammies for more tips and ideas.
  • Make lunches for the little ones way more fun with two simple tools: cookie cutters and skewers. Bread, meats, cheese and even veggies become much more appetizing when shaped like flowers or fish, or when cut into bite-size pieces and turned into a kabob. (Check out this adorable idea from A Whisk and Two Wands for inspiration!)

Sugary soda can also be full of dehydrating sodium, which no one needs more of during these hot months! Quench your thirst with more natural choices. Good ol’ H2O sounds like hydration heaven to some, and ho-hum to others. With tons of great recipes online for fruit- and even veggie-infused water, find one you love or experiment with a new flavor combo each day. Or brew up a daily pitcher of iced tea. Black, green, herbal—they all boast different health benefits as they keep you cool and hydrated all day long.


  • Save on summer spending by learning How To Store Vegetables & Keep Fruit Fresh. Get even more info from our Farmers’ Market Guide.
  • Freeze a water bottle or juice pack and put it in with your lunch to keep things extra frosty. Summer is about more than just beating the heat. It also should be fun, fresh and exciting, too—including your lunch!

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite cool summer eats?