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Celebrate National Dog Day!

Celebrate National Dog Day!

Calling all dog lovers! Whether they’re big or small, young or old, cooperative or, ahem, challenging—our furry friends’ sweet and silly traits and unconditional love make them family forever. And although every day is kind of their day, here’s one when you can justify spoiling and indulging them even more! August 26 marks the 11th annual National Dog Day. Woof!

Want to get in on the action? If you don’t have a dog (or have room in your heart and home for another), consider making this the day you adopt a pup. Or at least think about it. Already have a furry friend or two? What better day to donate to your local shelter or volunteer at a rescue organization. Odds are, you’ll be back for more. Anything helps, and you know dogs—they eat up the attention! Be sure to love up your special canine with some extra tummy rubs and ear scratches, a long walk, extended playtime and a few yummy T-R-E-A-T-S.


The word “treat” is a top attention-getting word for most dogs. Some will do anything for another, while some daintily accept just one, thank you, and save for later. You can find tons of recipes online for nutritious homemade treats made with a tasty array of dog-friendly ingredients that range from peanut butter to pumpkin and blueberries to bacon. We’ve even seen some with super add-ins like omega-powerful flaxseed and breath-freshening parsley. Many look good enough for the cook to try, like the one Wellness Mama makes with sweet potato and coconut oil. If your furry friend loves bacon and peanut butter, then try this recipe from Dog Hill Kitchen. Fresh-baked or store-bought, treats will stay fresh in one of the SNAPWARE® PET TREAT CANISTERS. And, don’t forget to make extra to share with friends. You can even gift them in one of the cute paw-printed canisters!


Better-for-them treats are just one way to take good care of dogs. Although each pet has preferred or special needs, here are the basics:

  • Provide an overall healthy diet
  • Keep fresh water nearby
  • Offer a cozy place to sleep
  • Exercise and play daily
  • Shower with attention and affection

    Remember, a well-trained dog is a safer dog, and shots and supplements offer extra protection. You might have a senior fellow who sleeps 20 hours a day, or an energetic pup who demands vigorous games of fetch several times a day, but if you take the time to know your dog and its needs, you’ll both be happier for it.

    For 20 fun ways to help and celebrate your top dog, check out the National Dog Day website.