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Cookie Exchanges in a Snap!

Cookie Exchanges in a Snap!

Hosting a cookie exchange is a great way to simplify your holiday baking. Rather than making all your favorites, choose one type of cookie to prepare and invite a group of friends to do the same. When everyone comes over bearing their best cookies, you and your guests can sample and trade tasty treats to keep at home or send as gifts to far-flung family and friends. Sounds sweet, right?

It will be—as long as you drum up some practical storage solutions for before, during and after your soirée. You need to consider how to keep your batch fresh prior to the party AND make sure cookies don’t crumble after the exchange is done. Your first step in cookie protection is Snapware® Food Storage Containers. These beauties are available in variety of sizes and styles to suit for any situation.

Next, put these helpful ideas to work to make your cookie exchange a big success:


You’ll want to make sure your cookies stay fresh between baking and the exchange. Store them in Snapware® Airtight Food Storage Containers, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, to keep the cookies or bars soft and chewy. If you absolutely must make them more than a day or two in advance, tuck the treats in the freezer to keep them fresh. Just make sure you remember to give them plenty of time to thaw before the exchange.


You can get the most out of your storage space prior to the exchange by stacking cookies on top of one another. Cookies that lay flat stack easily…but for more delicate versions, such as frosted sugar cookies or peanut butter blossoms, turn to the Snapware® Snap ’N Stack Cookie & Cupcake Carrier. No one wants broken bits or cookie crumbles floating around! This is especially important if you aren’t hosting the exchange and need to lug a bunch of cookies across town.


Once everyone has arrived with their goodies, display the cookies so that people can see and give them a taste. You may want to create display cards in advance, or ask that each guest bring a card to match their specific cookie. Keep in mind that some cookies may include common allergens likes peanuts. Suggest that people include a list of ingredients to avoid any tasting mishaps.


Stock up on packaging supplies or ask your guests to pitch in. You’ll want to include tags or sticky labels, ribbons, twine, cardboard boxes, sturdy paper plates, baking papers and scissors. You can also set out hole punches, stamps and ink, tissue paper, cellophane and other cute trimmings so your guests can add personal touches to their cookie packages.

Place packing materials on a worktable or counter away from where your cookies are set out. This will make it easier for guests to spread out, allowing some to access the packaging station while others are perusing the treats.


Don’t hold out on those long-distance relatives just because you’re afraid your goodies won’t make the trip. The trick to keeping your cookies in one piece instead of many, no matter how far they may need to travel, is layering.

Start by packing them snugly inside an airtight plastic container like the Snapware® Total Solution™ Plastic 8.2 Cup Rectangle with Latch Locking Lid. Then, decorate and wrap it up, or put the container inside an appropriately sized gift box and tuck into a larger box for shipping. Make sure you surround the gift box with bubble wrap or packing peanuts to keep bouncing around to a minimum. Once the packing is complete, send that box of seasonal cheer on its way!


  • To prepare for the exchange, ask guests to share what they plan to make and create a master list to prevent people from baking the same type of cookie. Encourage would-be confectioners to bring their best candies, too. More variety adds up to an event to remember.
  • If baking is one of your favorite parts of the holiday season and you just can’t see giving up the fun, host a cookie-making marathon rather than an exchange.
  • Not sure what to make? Family and friends always have a favorite recommendation. Or browse sites with extensive recipe collections, like Taste of Home, Delish and, of course, Pinterest!
  • Get everyone in the holiday spirit by serving homemade holiday drinks. Whip up a signature hot cocoa, pour some sparkling pomegranate punch, simmer a pot of mulled wine or cider, or offer guests our deliciously light ’n’ spicy take on eggnog.