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Create Your Craft Central

Create Your Craft Central

Love to let your creative side shine, but lose steam when it comes to the post-project pickup? Happens to us, too. The inspiration and energy seem to fade when faced with the tedium of tidying up. And sometimes it’s hard to remember what supplies you have on hand—and where you stowed them…to get them out of the way, of course.

With a common-sense system and some storage basics, we’ll show you how to get your crafting materials organized and keep them that way. These simple tips will make keeping your workspace neat and tidy a snap, from start to finish.


A place for everything and everything in its place has never been more true than when it comes to crafting supplies. A few tips:

  • Stash the things you use most often in arm’s reach of your dedicated crafting area—the rest can wait in a designated spot on a shelf or cabinet.
  • Keep those storage containers out as you work. Cleaning up along the way will keep you from getting bogged down with a massive mess at the end of your project.
  • Clear storage is best for helping you know what goes where at a glance, and when you are running low on supplies and need to restock.


Whether you specialize in one or two crafts or you dabble in a variety of creative pursuits, storing items in the right size and shape containers is the key to getting—and keeping—your supplies in order.


Identifying your supplies will make finding them, and putting them back, quick and easy. If you tend to keep the same stock supplies around, go ahead and make some permanent labels, but if you are often inspired by new hobbies, go with something more flexible.


Snapware Craft Central

Sometimes crafting keeps you stationary, but other times, you need to be ready for a scrapbooking retreat or quilting-circle roundup. Keep your supplies in containers that are easy to take with you, and you’ll be ready to craft on the fly. The SNAPWARE® SNAP ‘N STACK® HOME STORAGE 6″ X 9″ RECTANGLE is sized right for a quick getaway.


  • For easy reusable labels: Check out this great how-to from Hoosier Homemade and learn to make your own chalkboard labels. A handy, commitment-free way to label your supplies.
  • For the kids’ supplies: Simple, cute and best of all, an easy way for little ones to carry things from room to room. See how Lil’ Luna does it.
  • For a fabric “file”—not only is this a great way to store fabric, but it also helps you audition fabrics for your next quilt or other sewing project to see how they look next to one another. Head to The Carbajals to see how to set up this simple and effective system.


  • Make it mobile. If you don’t have a dedicated space (or simply like to move around your home), consider using rolling carts or drawers. Buy or get crafty (naturally!) and DIY it by fitting an old side table with casters.
  • Stick with a sorting method. By color, by material…as long as it works for you, it’ll work.
  • Reconsider your real estate. Claim the back of a door or hang rods and baskets from the ceiling. A little extra space can go a long way!

Think of order as an administrative assistant for your creativity. The process of organizing can be as artistic as you like; the point is to have a system that’s easy to maintain so your projects can be even more fun to do.

YOUR TURN: What’s your most ingenious or helpful tip for keeping craft supplies in check?