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Cupcake Carriers Create Sweet Business

Cupcake Carriers Create Sweet Business

Never in their wildest dreams did Nathan and Andrea Thompson think cupcake baking and decorating could be a career. And the Cincinnati couple certainly didn’t think the crucial link to getting them there was many, many Snapware® Snap ’N Stack Cookie & Cupcake Carriers .

Without them, there was no way to transport their treats throughout the metropolitan Ohio area. With them, they were able to grow their Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery from a home bakery for friends and neighbors to two locations—and hundreds to thousands of cupcakes sold daily.

With the help of store manager Leslie B. at CorningWare Corelle and More in Jeffersonville, Ohio, the Thompsons use the carriers in both their shops and to transport them from store to store.

What do they love most? The time and money the cupcake carriers save.

“We really couldn’t function without them,” says Nathan. “They are very convenient and portable. Any time we need them, we can put them in our car. With the way we do business and the way we are set up, they work great.”

What features sold the professional cupcake makers on the Snapware carrier?

  • Reversible inserts
  • Durable handles
  • Portability
  • Clear plastic for display
  • The ease of moving them and their products from place to place


Nathan’s background was computer support. Andrea’s was social work and administration. Everything changed when she took a cake decorating class as a hobby.

“Everyone liked what she did, and I got roped in,” Nathan says. “I baked and structured the cakes and she decorated them. People told us we should do it for a living.”

But they soon decided making cakes for a living wasn’t for them. Yet something told them not give up on baking.


“Then we came across a cupcake shop where there were lines of people. It made us think now that’s something we might want to do. We started at home, testing what we made on our family.”

Obviously the family taste test was successful, and Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery , named after their first child, was born. They quickly expanded to neighbors and soon were catering mini cupcakes to area parties from their kitchen. But they knew they needed more volume to make real dough!

They signed a month-to-month lease on a shop where they could display their wares and at the same time moved the bakery to their basement. When they realized not enough people were visiting that location, they moved to downtown Cincinnati. That was four years ago, and business began taking off faster than you can say “cupcake boss.”


As an independent baker, Abby Girl Sweets couldn’t go the route of big commercial outfits with trucks and bakers’ racks for delivery. They needed something more portable and lighter. The initial products Nathan researched proved impractical. Many had round edges that wouldn’t stack.

Then he discovered the Snapware Snap ’N Stack Cookie & Cupcake Carrier at neighborhood Meijer’s and Target stores. It was right about the time they opened their second store. The timing couldn’t have been better. The problem was, few stores had enough carriers on hand to meet Abby Girl Sweets’ growing demand. Plus, buying high quantities proved expensive. They needed far more, faster and cheaper than retailers could provide.

That’s when Nathan came across WorldKitchen.com. He located the Jeffersonville store just 45 minutes away, and found it could easily handle their needs.

“Not only did they have them in stock, but they had 30 of them,” he recalls. “This year we needed even more. We planned a little farther in advance and ordered 66 units before Thanksgiving.”

Those orders make Abby Girl Sweets the biggest Snapware customer ever in the Jeffersonville location, according to manager Leslie B. And she’s excited to play a role in helping grow a budding cupcake business. “It was by chance we had that many in stock when they first visited,” she says.


By stacking the containers, Nathan and Andrea load as many as 1,600 cupcakes into their SUV. When needed, they even put a stack of four carriers in the front seat of their car and buckle it in with the passenger seat belt.

“We’re moving 800 to 900 cupcakes in a typical day and rarely lose even one,” Nathan reports. “The carriers snap together with big clips.”

In their stores, the custom display cases allow the carrier trays to slide in and out as needed. And the individual compartments space them so they look perfectly aligned.

“We would have a business without them, but it would be a different and more difficult business,” Nathan admits.


Snapware Snap ’N Stack Cake & Cupcake Carriers aren’t just for professional bakers. Every day household bakers put them to use. Their versatility allows them to store and transport:

  • Muffins
  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Cupcakes
  • Cakes (just flip the tray over!)


What interesting ways do you use Snapware products? Share your story and you too may be featured.