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Disconnect for Slow-Cooker Sundays!

Disconnect for Slow-Cooker Sundays!

Why Sunday? Because it’s not Monday yet! That’s always worth a celebration in our book. Snapware® brand is bringing back a century’s old tradition, the Sunday dinner, with a hip new twist—disconnect from tech on Slow-Cooker Sundays. Break out that slow cooker, toss in a few simple ingredients prepped and stored ahead of time, and call everyone over for this casual weekly gathering. All electronics get parked at the door for a low-key way to slow down, disconnect and soak in the company of family and friends before the busy workweek hits.

Whether giving your existing family tradition a new twist, or starting one, the new distraction-free Slow-Cooker Sundays are a fantastic way to build meaningful connections.


Picture your ideal Sunday evening. Are you sitting down with immediate family? Or perhaps neighbors are coming and going while close friends casually drop in to catch up on the week. Whatever comes to mind when you consider a welcoming get-together is what you should aim for.

Once you determine a gathering that’s right for you, pick a time and commit to it every Sunday. Offer standing invitations to anyone you’d like to share a meal with, and follow up with prescheduled e-vites as a friendly reminder. Bonus if your guests offer to bring a dish. Take them up on it!


Establish the ground rules from the get-go, and be consistent. Have everyone park phones and electronics at the door. Provide a convenient charging station for them to juice up while enjoying quality time together. This is your opportunity to catch up, have a few laughs and reconnect after a busy week, and before the next one! For larger groups, consider having a few games or decks of cards on hand for a fun icebreaker.


The beauty of the disconnected Slow-Cooker Sunday tradition is just few minutes of morning prep will have your dinner ready to go when guests arrive. Yes, it’s really that easy. Homemade chili, soups and stews are stress-free crowd-pleasers that are simple to round out with a large salad and a couple of baguettes. Or try a new recipe every week, and ask peoples’ opinions. If it is a five-star recipe with your guests, consider a rerun in the future.

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Invite guests to make the weekly dish or ask them to help you hunt down ideas for the next recipe. When it comes to delegating, don’t be shy. More often than not, people feel welcome if they can contribute.

Looking for some delicious new slow-cooker favorites? Here are three proven meals with minimal prep and a whole lot of crowd-pleasing flavor.


This Slow-Cooker Chicken Sausage and Bean Stew was built for Sunday dinners. You’ll understand why the moment you lift the lid after hours of simmering. The aroma alone is guaranteed to bring dinner guests back next week.


When in doubt, use this go-to slow-cooker chili recipe. The ratio of meat to beans is spot on, and the seasonings will have everyone asking, “What’s your secret?”


For those especially long weeks, Chunky Tomato Slow-Cooker Soup is the essence of comfort, promising to rejuvenate your spirits and deliver a delicious evening. Serve with grilled cheese sandwiches and mugs of cider for a deliciously cozy evening.