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Fun Care Packages for Summer Campers

Fun Care Packages for Summer Campers

Whether your child is a hesitant first-timer or a confident summer-camp veteran, the all-important care package is like a hug from home. No matter if you’re restocking supplies, sending treats or cash, you can bet they’ll be happy to see that box on their bunk. Think about your camper’s personality (Sports nut? Nature lover? Bookworm?) and needs when putting together a package. Here are five fun ideas to make sure your camper feels the love during their time away from home.


If your son or daughter can’t get enough of the great outdoors, nurture their energetic spirit with small outdoor games such as balls, Frisbees and jump ropes. Include fun plant and wildlife guides to help them identify unfamiliar critters, new flowers, or butterflies and birds common to the area. Be sure to include a journal and some pencils to document their findings. If snacks are allowed, don’t miss an opportunity to pack a homemade trail mix to fuel their journey. And remember, it’s always best to encourage group activities and include items meant for sharing with cabin or tent mates.


Create a reading package for sunny afternoons under a tree, rainy mornings in the cabin, and when they’re just craving a little quiet time. Include the latest adventure in their favorite series or put together a collection of comic books, Mad Libs and magazines to share, or challenge them with crossword puzzles and brainteasers. Make sure no one gets left out of the fun: Many websites will let you print games and sudokus so you can send enough for everyone in the bunch.
TIP: Remember to include a reading light and extra batteries.


Little fashionistas will have fun bonding over pairs of silly sunglasses, brightly colored bandannas and spunky flip-flops. Remind them to capture their giggling moments by including a disposable camera and pocket-size diary. Help them dress up their temporary lodging with fun photos of the family pet in cute picture frames, and include a few new lip balms for them to share with the girls.


During downtime, prep your kids with a special arts and crafts box. It’s the perfect time to weave a friendship bracelet for a new pal, put together a scrapbook or sketch a favorite scene from around camp. A Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® Home Storage 6” x 9” Rectangle container makes it easy to organize supplies such as string, beads and clasps, as well as inspiring scrapbook items like stickers, stencils and colored pencils.


Camp grub can be hit or miss, but most kids would cheer for tasty treats to munch on. Pack a mini picnic for your camper to entertain new friends, and include a disposable tablecloth or lightweight picnic blanket along with their favorite nonperishable snacks like fruit cups, crackers, beef jerky, granola bars, fruit leathers and trail mixes. And for later, make sure your munchkin has a s’mores “first aid” kit at the ready, including the three essential ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows and mini chocolate bars. For added fun, use a separate container to hold creative variations like peanut butter cups, flavored marshmallows and individual Nutella or honey packets, then include a note with a challenge to come up with yummy new combinations.


  • Don’t forget to restock bug spray and sunscreen (and maybe the sunglasses they’ve likely lost).
  • Prompt campers to share a few of their favorite experiences with friends and loved ones by including a stack of postcards and stamps. Address and stamp them in advance.
  • Always include a handwritten, encouraging note!


Slightly larger and taller than a shoebox, the Snapware 29 Cup Square Airtight Food Storage Container is a durable container for delivering the swag. Keep things organized by including smaller Snapware storage containers inside, and then your child can use the containers to store and protect crafts, toiletries, keepsakes and treasures collected along the way.


They’re not just for kids—parents have to follow the camp rules, too. When it comes to sending care packages, first check with your child’s camp to see what they accept, as many camps ban electronics or certain foods that may affect allergies.

Once you know what’s encouraged and what to avoid, it’ll be easy to customize a container full of smile-inducing goodies for your camper.

YOUR TURN: What would you include in your child’s camp care package?