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Most Organized Holidays Ever!

Most Organized Holidays Ever!


The holiday season is a busy time, but it doesn’t have to control you, or your household organization. To keep things under control, it just takes a little know-how and the right tools. As they become routine, things will become calmer and require less effort to keep organized in the future. Before you know it, you’ll be using them all year long. But, let’s start with the holidays that are upon us. Introducing our best tips and tricks to make this your most organized holiday season ever!


If you’re coming out of a long spell of disorganized holidays, you may find everything you do to prepare for the holidays—bake, gift wrap, clean and decorate—will need to be, well, reorganized. The best thing to do is tackle things as you do them. For example, organize your gift wrap as soon as you’re done wrapping so you won’t need to deal with it after the holiday season. Put it up and away now so next year will be different!

Here are a few more tips:

• Get your food storage containers ready for after-dinner packing by matching all the containers with their lids and ensuring that you have enough. Too many lids and not enough containers? Grab a set of Snapware® 42-Pc Airtight Food Storage Containers. If you plan to send leftovers home with guests and don’t want to lose your favorite containers, make sure they’re clearly labeled with your name.
• Keep ribbons from getting tangled by storing them in a handy Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® Seasonal 6″ X 9″ Ribbon Dispenser. It will make wrapping gifts a cinch, and the ribbons will be neat and ready to pack away when you’re done using them.
• Make lists and keep them organized and nearby. Where to start? Try our Pre-Holiday Holiday Planner to help organize:
o Grocery lists
o Chores and cleaning schedule
o Gifts for friends and family
o Addresses for shipping and greeting cards
o Recipes and cooking schedule
• Replace your worn-out craft box with a Snapware® Smart Store® container when you’re done with your holiday arts and crafts projects.


The organizing doesn’t stop just because the celebration is in full swing. It won’t even feel like work if you do a little at a time. So, keep your eyes open for opportunities for smart ways to sort and store during the merriment. Here are a few pain-free things you can do:

• Safely store your decorated sugar cookies, frosted cupcakes and freshly baked treats in a Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® Cookie & Cupcake Carrier. More durable than a paper plate wrapped with plastic wrap, it will keep them from getting bumped, broken or smeared. And unlike cute seasonal tin boxes, the container travels well to parties or Grandmother’s house thanks to its built-in handle and secure lid tabs. Plus, multiple containers can be combined and stacked to separate the spiced cookies from the decorated sugar cookies, and peppermint from the peanut-butter blossoms.
• Use Snapware® Smart Store® containers to organize items with many pieces. Think cookie cutters, baking sprinkles, ornaments or decorations. Pack them up as you’re done using them…you’ll have everything organized in one convenient place.
• Reuse old household items to organize other items. Empty paper towel rolls make great partitions inside a storage container to keep things from bumping and breaking. Before you recycle or toss away things, think about whether they could serve another purpose.
• Pack up new toys, puzzles and games in a Snapware® Smart Store® container to keep all the pieces and parts together. The see-through containers will make it easy for kids to find just what they are looking for.
• Label, label, label—writing the contents on the outside of the container will make it easier to find just what you’re looking for later on. The beauty of Snapware containers? You can write on them with any marker and rub it off with a soft cloth when you want a new label.


Any organizing you do after the party has ended is like a gift to yourself next year. And trust us, you’ll be thanking yourself! This is a prime time to organize everything you used during the season.

• Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® Seasonal Home Storage has a whole line of multilayered containers to organize your holiday needs. Available during and after the holidays in red and green seasonal colors, the small containers are ideal for gift tags and markers for labeling, or Christmas cards and other items you’ll want to hang on to for next year. Larger ornament storage containers include ornament dividers to keep the precious ornaments and the memories they bring safe from breaking.
• Pack decorations in Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® Seasonal Home Storage boxes, wrapping the delicate ones in paper or bubble wrap before tucking them in.
• Put away strings of lights and replace burned-out bulbs this year while you’re packing up the strings of lights so that next year, they’ll be ready to hang right out of the box. Before you put them into a Snapware® Smart Store® container wrap the strings around a 12-inch length of cardboard to keep them from getting tangled.
• Store seasonal dinnerware, linens, silver and servingware in a waterproof container for safekeeping until next year’s festivities. Again, you’ll have a one-stop holiday container!


We’d love to hear your ideas on how to organize the holidays…share your tips, tricks and how-tos.