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Organize Your House, Starting with the Junk Drawer

Organize Your House, Starting with the Junk Drawer

We’ve all experienced it. When you moved in to your home, your kitchen or office was organized and streamlined—everything had a place and you knew exactly what went where. As you settled in, bye-bye organization.

Maybe it happened as you accumulated things, or maybe kids came along and interrupted your neatness. One day you find yourself staring down at the overpacked junk drawer. Scissors, popsicle sticks, paper clips, rubber bands, business cards. Pretty much anything you found while straightening up cluttered counters now lives in this wasteland.

Stop the madness and start organizing your junk drawer now!

Getting Started

The way to start this daunting task is to figure out what’s in your junk drawer. Is it arts and crafts? Kitchen gear? Letters? Bills? Tape? Sticky notes? Try these simple steps first…

  1. Empty the drawer and make piles of similar items.
  2. Create a discard pile of things to toss.
  3. Pull out things that don’t belong and move them elsewhere, such as that spare extension cord taking up space. Maybe place that in the garage.
Use Organizing Tools

Containers are a huge help when it comes to giving loose things a home. Snapware® makes containers for just about every room. But, that drawer is probably best suited for Snapware® Total Solution™ plastic containers. They’re lightweight, made of clear plastic and:

  • Come in a range of sizes so each type of item can be contained in the appropriate container
  • Are easy to see into
  • Can be pulled out individually
  • Are sturdy, durable and able to withstand stacking

Another helpful organizing tool is a label maker. Once containers are labeled, you’ll never be unsure of what goes where, making it easy to keep things organized.

Snapware plastic containers can also be labeled with any marker. Just wipe off if you want to change the label.

The 6-Month Rule

Finally, if you haven’t used something within the last 6 months, you probably don’t need it. Out it goes.
When organizing and purging your junk drawer, take a good look at whether you actually used the things in it. If any item doesn’t pass the 6-month rule, time to move it out of the drawer and consider tossing it.