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Organize a Gift Wrap Station

Organize a Gift Wrap Station


If you’ve ever spent more than 20 minutes digging through drawers in search of ribbon, tape and the scissors you just used, then you’ve come to the right place. This year, create a fully stocked gift wrapping station to help you keep the holidays under wraps. Here’s how.


Gather sharp scissors, tape, gift tags, pens and markers. Buy new, if needed, so tools can be stored with your station. Running to the next room for a pair of scissors minimizes the ease of a ready-to-go, grab-and-wrap kit. Arrange in a SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® 16″ X 6″ HOME STORAGE ORGANIZER CONTAINER. And don’t forget to grab some SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® 3-PC ORGANIZER TRAYS. The handy inserts make it easy to get at whichever supply you need. For added organization, place a sticker label for each tool inside the caddy, so you always know where to store items and are reminded to purchase new when you run out.


One of the little headaches of the holiday season: storing tall, slippery, unraveling mounds of 30-inch wrapping paper. Rather than haphazardly piling gift wrap in a corner, stack the rolls straight up in a SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® 18″ X 12″ HOME STORAGE CONTAINER W/ KELLY GREEN HANDLES. With lid removed, this tall-sided container is an ideal way to keep rolls under control (and in mint condition) until you’re ready to wrap.


Any proper wrapper knows, gifts deserve to be tied with a bow. Hit the craft store and stock up on discounted ribbon, twine and yarn. Store in the SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® RIBBON DISPENSER, which keeps your collection untangled, easy to see and easy to unroll.


With basics ready to go, let’s unleash your inner creative self. Gather craft supplies and accessories that sing to you. Boho tassels, shabby chic doilies, colorful pom-poms, glitter glue, sequins, rhinestones—any little tchotchkes that make you smile. Organize them in the SNAPWARE® SNAP ‘N STACK® 3 LAYER HOME STORAGE 6″ X 9″ and keep them close by as you wrap. You’ll be surprised at how much personality can be added to a gift when you tie an unexpected something atop it.

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