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Recipe Madness: Slam Dunk Dips That Score

Recipe Madness: Slam Dunk Dips That Score


Hungry for a showdown? Recipe Madness 2015 is under way and the teams are pulling out all the stops. Our crowd-pleasing recipes, the Easy Eight, are all gunning for the chance to go head-to-head in the championship. No surprise, the Snapware® Stackers are bringing their A game again.

The SNAPWARE®TOTAL SOLUTION™ storage containers has a lineup that always comes off the bench eager to play and looking to score. The experts in storage solutions:

  • Bring teamwork to a new level by combining Pyrex® glass containers with Snapware® plastic lids.
  • Take food on the offensive, with convenient shapes and sizes that allow for easy portability.
  • Make a strong defensive showing, too. Airtight and leak-proof, nothing protects your leftovers better.

As the reigning champs with their 2014 bracket-winning Chili For A Crowd recipe, the Snapware Stackers have really got the competition worried.
Let’s see what they’re bringing to the table.

COWBOY LAYERED DIP: A mega flavor medley that works every player into rotation, including black beans, seasoned sour cream, crisp bacon and fresh tomatoes. This superstar dish is sure to get tons of playing time at any party. GET THE RECIPE 

CHUNKY CHIPOTLE GUACAMOLE: Props to the avocado—it’s hard to keep a player this good out of the limelight! With strong assists from chipotle and jalapeño, this app has a way of boxing out the competition to dominate the spread. GET THE RECIPE


  • Decorate for the “W!” You’ve got home court advantage, so step up your game with these cute and quick DIY decoration ideas:
  • Create a hoops-inspired centerpiece by filling a vase with mini basketballs and orange Gerbera daisies. Wrap with loose-weave white netting and you’re set!
  • Rock your team’s colors with a wreath wrapped in geo mesh and ribbon. Check out Pinterest for more ideas.
  • So, it isn’t exactly a DIY idea, but it’s too good to pass up. Pick up a few basketball-shaped Mylar balloons on the day of your party. So easy it’s practically cheating, but we don’t think anyone will call foul.

YOUR TURN:  VOTE HERE  if you want one of these delicious dips to advance to the 2015 Recipe Madness Championship. GAME ON!