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Road Test: Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® Holiday Organizers

Road Test: Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® Holiday Organizers

SNAPWARE ROAD TESTER: Kristy Still of Mommy Hates Cooking



  • Crafts storage
  • Winter accessories storage
  • Transporting food to parties

BIGGEST SURPRISE: Using it to transport food for parties


PRODUCT HACKS: The 3-LAYER SNAPWARE® 12″ X 12″ ORNAMENT BOX is ideal for ornaments and seasonal storage solutions. And the SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® HOME STORAGE 6″ X 9″ RECTANGLE is splendid for storing other accessories such as scarves and gloves, chunky jewelry and, surprisingly, transporting food to parties.

I enjoyed the ease of bringing desserts to a party using the SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® COOKIE & CUPCAKE CARRIER. Cupcakes, cake balls and other sweet treats remained intact and were kept safe during the drive.

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW: SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® organizers have a super-sturdy handle. So even if I placed something heavy inside, the handle was able to manage the weight. As the product name says, you can literally snap and stack the organizers together. Use only one tray or several, they’re easy to customize!

The 3-LAYER SNAPWARE® 12″ X 12″ ORNAMENT BOX has dividers that store up to 32 ornaments. Those dividers are also perfect for keeping chunky jewelry separate and untangled. Added bonus: All SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® ORGANIZERS come with a limited lifetime warranty.



For more than 30 days, I’ve been using the SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® ORGANIZERS not just to safely store seasonal items and ornaments, but to organize my craft items, beauty products, and winter accessories like scarves and gloves.


With a small closet, I can’t have all of my seasonal items in drawers and on shelves…I only put out the items that are in season and store the rest in containers. So, I was delighted to discover the SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® ORGANIZERS are perfect for storing scarves and gloves during summer, shorts and summer hats during winter. I just stack them all up in one corner of my closet so they don’t take up space. When the seasons are changing, I simply grab the organizer by the handle and swap my wardrobe out. Staying organized has never been so easy.


All of the containers come with a sturdy handle that carried the weight of whatever I keep in them—even the small SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® HOME STORAGE 6″ X 6″ SQUARE could handle my chunky, heavy jewelry!

The SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® SEASONAL 6″ X 9″ RIBBON DISPENSER is perfect for storing my ribbons for crafting. I found that it was also perfect for storing my chunky bangles and bracelets. It’s such a great way to organize my accessories because I can see everything right away.



Aside from those uses, I also use the SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® 2-LAYER FOOD STORAGE to transport food. Potluck dinners and get-togethers are pretty common with my family and friends. We’re always looking for different reasons to gather and enjoy each other’s company. More often than not, I am bringing an appetizer or dessert. It’s hard to find a way to transport either without ruining them. But the Snap ’N Stack storage containers we perfect for toting along deviled eggs, delicious appetizers, mini cakes and cake balls. They’re an absolutely perfect solution for parties, picnics and potlucks!


Throughout the 30 days of use, I have evaluated the storage containers with four important criteria. Here how the product rates in each of the areas:

Durability – The plastic organizers are incredibly durable. I’ve been using one of them to hold my hair and beauty products. At first, I was concerned it might break because the hair products were pretty heavy. But after using it for over a month, it’s still withstanding the weight. I often move my beauty products from the bathroom to the bedroom and vice versa, depending on where I want to get ready. My SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® organizer never broke its lock, the handle still rocks and the container has completely kept its shape.
Quality – The modular, stackable design is so easy to use. I was able to stack 3 to 4 trays without having to worry of breaking the handle or the snapping locks.
Economy – All of the SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® ORGANIZERS are reasonably priced. Sure, you’ll pay more than buying a cheap plastic bin at the Dollar Store. But, that would be like throwing your precious pennies away! The SNAPWARE® containers are more durable, stackable and portable than cheaper brands. Plus, they last longer than inexpensive, flimsy options—and there’s a lifetime guarantee to prove it!
Portability – All of the SNAPWARE® containers are perfect for transporting your accessories with ease. You can simply grab the containers by the sturdy handle. This is especially convenient if you keep them in storage, move a lot or just need storage containers that you can easily grab and go.

ROAD TEST RESULT: SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® ORGANIZERS have been an awesome storage solution for accessories, craft items and kitchen needs! I plan to keep using these must-have savers long after my road test is complete.