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This DIY Valentine’s Gift Is the Cutest Thing Ever

This DIY Valentine’s Gift Is the Cutest Thing Ever


This Valentine’s Day, spread love among all the special someones in your life with a surprise that’s sure to win over their sweet tooth. These DIY cookie decorating kits are as adorable as they are easy to assemble. And the best part? They can be customized and made ahead of time, so you can spend more time playing Cupid.

Perfect for parties and great for gifting! Here’s how to piece together a cookie kit worth sharing.


Heart-shaped sugar cookies are the obvious choice here, but cookie cutters in the shapes of X’s and O’s, arrows and cupids are also fun and easy to find.

Don’t stop there. Sweet shortbread rounds are a cinch to make, too, and can be gussied up in a variety of ways. Add a bit of grated orange peel, diced dried cranberries or chopped fresh rosemary to
your batter before baking.

Other good options? Butter cookies, gingersnaps and peanut butter cookies. Yum!

TIP: There’s no shame in buying store-bought dough or baked cookies if you don’t have the time (or energy) to make your own, especially if you plan to make more than a few cookie kits.


Everyone loves the creamy texture and buttery flavor of homemade buttercream frosting. Make your own and add a few drops of red food coloring to make it the perfect pink. If you don’t have your own recipe, give this Pink Buttercream recipe a try. Again, store-bought buttercream frosting works in a pinch, too.

TIP: For a more polished and professional finished look, make royal icing, which dries candy-hard and keeps decorations in place. Just remember it needs to be stored in a small airtight container room temperature so it stays pliable.


Keep it simple with one or two confections, or create a mash-up of your favorites.

Some good Valentine Day-inspired choices: nonpareils, sugar pearls, colored sprinkles, colored sanding sugar, shredded coconut, mini marshmallows, thin red licorice rope, candy hearts, cinnamon red-hots, chocolate drops, crushed peppermint candies, fondant cutouts, pink gumdrops and Valentine-themed hard-shell chocolate candies, candy corn or jelly beans.

TIP: Opt for candies that won’t melt or stick together, especially if you are making your cookie kits ahead of time.


Plastic storage containers work great because everything packs away neatly. You’ll want to keep cookies, icing and decorations separate, so try to find one with divided trays. A good choice is the SNAPWARE® TOTAL SOLUTION™ ON THE GO 5 CUP PLASTIC SQUARE W/DIVIDED TRAY. Otherwise, pack icing and decorations separately into small containers, nestle those into a larger container like the SNAPWARE® AIRTIGHT FOOD STORAGE 4.5 CUP RECTANGULAR CONTAINER and stack cookies where there’s room.

TIP: Decorate your container by tying it with a ribbon and topping with a bow. Or let little ones cover it with Valentine’s Day stickers. Also consider lining the interior with printed or colored tissue in red and pink hues.

With your cookie kit ready to go, it’s time to share the love! Create kits for school parties, share with neighbors or tote them to work. Even grown-up coworkers will love spending their lunch break decorating cookies. This fun idea brings out the kid in just about every cookie lover!


  • PLANNING A SCHOOL PARTY? Divide students into groups and give each a DIY cookie kit. It’s a fun activity and delicious snack in one!
  • SEASONAL SWAP.The cookie kits can be tailored to any occasion or holiday. Just use appropriately themed cookie cutters and candies.
  • EASY FREEZY. Many cookie doughs, including shortbread and sugar and spice cookies, can be made and frozen up to 3 months ahead of time. Double-wrap dough in plastic wrap and put in a SNAPWARE® storage container to prevent freezer burn.