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To Grandmother’s House We Go! 7 Tips to Make Holiday Travel a Breeze

To Grandmother’s House We Go! 7 Tips to Make Holiday Travel a Breeze

Everyone sing along: “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go…”

Ah, so much fun when horses led the way. Yet, with all the modern conveniences today, holiday travel can be a bit harried. Especially with kids.

Whether you’re driving or braving the crowds at the airport on the way to Grandmother’s house this year, with some careful planning, a few surprises and just the right tools for packing, you can arrive with a smile on your face—and a blemish-free pie, too.


Create a multipurpose surface for each of your kids to play, draw and eat on the road. You can do it all with a cookie sheet! Cover a BAKER'S SECRET® COOKIE SHEET with chalkboard paint to make it a perfect drawing surface.

BONUS: Chalk doesn’t stain car upholstery like markers do, and it vacuums up quickly, unlike crayon. If your kids enjoy puzzles, attach tiny magnets to the back of puzzle pieces…they stay in place. The laptop desk is also a great surface for snacks and meals, as (most of) the crumbs and spills will land on the tray.


Ever play a roll-the-dice game in the car or on the plane? Of course not, because you’d surely lose the dice under a seat on the first roll. But, with a SNAPWARE® 0.5-CUP AIRTIGHT NESTING BOWL FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER, it’s game on! This dandy little guy will keep your dice from rolling away. And, because it’s see-through, you can even shake dice and see the outcome right through the bowl. The number of games to be played while traveling just grew exponentially!


Leave the everyday toys at home and build a special road trip box full of books, toys, building blocks, chalk, markers, crayons and stickers! Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® Home Storage Kids Pink or Blue 6″ X 9″ Rectangle – 2 Layers has two compartments for each item, and its durable snap latch is easy for little fingers to open and shut.

TIP: Don’t let the kids see these before the trip! The element of surprise will help keep them interested and doubles as a reward for good behavior.


Whether your destination is one or six hours away, healthy snacks will keep tummies happy and kids busy. Fill a SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® FOOD STORAGE SANDWICH BOX with cheese, crackers and sliced deli meat so kids can build their own tiny snacks. Apples and peanut butter, carrot sticks and ranch dressing, or hummus with pita chips will fit perfectly in many of the Snapware® 42-Pc Airtight Food Storage Containers.


Even the best-laid plans can go awry. But you can be ready when disaster strikes with a road trip emergency kit. Start with a SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® HOME STORAGE 6″ X 9″ RECTANGLE WITH 3 LAYERS or a similar storage container. Fill it with first-aid items and cleaning products. Think spare diapers, allergy meds, hand sanitizer, small garbage bags, facial tissues, moist towels, bandages—you get the idea. Measure the space under the car seats and pick a container that can stow away underneath so you’ll be more prepared than a Boy Scout.


While not as demanding as children, transporting cookies and cupcakes takes a plan, too. After all your hard work baking and decorating, the last thing you want to discover is smeared buttercream or broken gingerbread men. Fortunately, there’s a carrier for that. Meet the Snapware® Snap ’N Stack® 1-Layer Cupcake Keeper. Take your baked goodies on a plane, a train or in your car without worrying about damage. The keeper keeps them safe.

[Optional cut. May not be needed here] Need some baking inspiration? Here’s a recipe for one of our favorite fall cupcakes: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing from the blog Life, Love and Sugar.

And while we’re at it, here’s a killer cookie recipe from Gonna Want Seconds Super Buttery Butter Pecan Cookies.


So your in-laws have asked you bring your famous green bean casserole for the big meal. And while you could whip up a beautiful batch with your eyes closed, transporting it has you scratching your head. Rather than rigging up a complicated plan involving lots of towels and driving below the speed limit, try a PYREX® PORTABLE CARRIER. It not only keeps your dish safe with a spill-proof lid, but the temperature-controlled bag will maintain its temperature if traveling within an hour or so. With one of these handy totes, you can watch the road without worrying about that casserole.

YOUR TURN: Let's hear your travel secrets! Got a great trick that makes holiday travel fun and worry-free for your family? Share it with the rest of us. #snapware