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Total Solution® Makes Food Storage a Snap

Total Solution® Makes Food Storage a Snap

Snapware® Total Solution™

Often enough, it’s the little things that derail a mom’s busy day. The frantic search for that food-storage container lid that’s MIA in a chaotic cupboard. The container of lunchtime soup that leaks in junior’s backpack on his way out the door. Or those two containers of leftover salad…which one is yours and which one is your better half’s?

Relax—take a cleansing breath. Savvy moms know the Snapware® Total Solution™ line of leak-proof food keepers offers exactly what its name implies: Innovative, surefire solutions that literally make food storage, well, a snap!

This line offers both stain-proof, Pyrex® glass storage containers or BPA-free plastic containers, in six different-sizes with airtight, leak-proof plastic lids. There are small- and medium-sized lids for three shapes of containers: square, round and rectangular. Better yet, the lids fit interchangeably on the 6 glass and 12 plastic vessels of various capacities, from 1- to nearly 16-cups!

What innovations make these Snapware Total Solution™ containers and lids unique? Consider these clever features and time-saving benefits:

  • Just six lid sizes.

    That reduces clutter—no more time-consuming, frustrating lid-hunting in your cupboard. Less is indeed more!

  • Color-coded lids.

    This makes it easy to match each lid to its respective container

    • Heliotrope – small square
    • Kelly Green – medium square
    • Coral – small round
    • Marigold – medium round
    • Turquoise – small rectangle
    • Bluebell – medium rectangle
  • Stackable and nestable.

    The lids stack and/or nest to save space and keep your cabinets better organized. And in the fridge, like-shaped containers also stack easily, whether they’re plastic or glass, creating a small, modular, space-saving footprint.

  • Write-and-erase option.

    Just label each container’s contents with any marker. No more wasting precious time to open and taste, say, those homemade salsas to see which one is hot and which is mild. Later, when the container is empty, simply wipe off the writing with a soft cloth. It’s that easy!

  • Easy-close, easy-open lids.

    Latch-locking lids make an audible “snap” when properly closed and airtight sealed, giving you the confidence to transport food leak-free—no mess and no stress.

  • Easy to use and clean.

    Plastic containers and lids are microwave- and dishwasher-safe; glass containers are suitable for reheating in ovens and microwaves, as well as dishwasher-safe. Moreover, the lid edges feature an innovative two-shot, molded-gasket design that eliminates those annoyingly hard-to-clean grooves found on many airtight lids.

Durable. Ingenious. Versatile. Worry-free. In an increasingly cluttered and complicated world, the smart choice is Snapware Total Solution containers—kitchen helpers that simplify your life.