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The One Recipe You’ll Want to Freeze

The One Recipe You’ll Want to Freeze

You say too many? We say to make ’em...into sauce. Are your summer tomatoes taking over your kitchen? Can’t give enough away to the neighbors? Are you simply sliced ’n’ diced out? We’ve got a super supplementary solution to the bumper-crop dilemma. Make a batch or two of our quick and easy Freezer Tomato-Pesto Sauce. Use it as a delicious complement for other meals over the next couple of months, and take a break from all those salads you’re eating now!


As fresh and versatile as it gets, with the punch of juicy ripe tomatoes and the zip of fresh herbs. Packed with a dash of protein and fiber from seeds (or nuts), this easy-to-make summer sauce will take you well into the fall, kicking up the flavor in a wide variety of meals. GET THE RECIPE

This recipe is actually two simple recipes put together: one tomato sauce, one pesto. We think the tomato sauce recipe is a straightforward winner, but you can change up the ingredients in the pesto, depending on your mood or what you have in your garden or pantry. For the greens, we’ve used basil and parsley, because they’re such popular herbs to grow. But if you have a lot of sage, for example, substitute it for the basil. Or substitute fresh spinach for the parsley. For the nuts, we’ve used pumpkin seeds (pepitas), but you could also use whatever you have on hand—almonds, walnuts or pine nuts, the traditional pesto ingredient. It’s a fun swapportunity to use what you like and make it your own!


You can freeze the sauces individually or mixed together. Pesto goes a long way, so freeze smaller portions of this sauce. Tomato sauce can be divided up and stored in small containers for those nights when there’s just one or two of you, or stored in larger containers for family dinners. Or feel free to freeze a premixed portion to save even more time. (To avoid orangey stains, use glass for tomato-based sauce!) The versatile sizes—1-cup, 4-cup and 6-cup—in the SNAPWARE® 10-PIECE GLASS STORAGE SET WITH TOTAL SOLUTION™ LIDS make portion control a cinch, and the glass is better for quick thawing...read on!


If you can, move the containers of sauce from the freezer to the fridge the night before you want to use them to allow them to thaw. If you forget, you can microwave them (loosen the lids first!) on Low (30% power), stirring occasionally until thawed.


Putting these sauces to work will make dinner a breeze—and give you the fresh taste of just-picked summer produce. (No jarred or premade sauces can live up to that reputation!)

  • PEP UP WITH PESTO. Use the pesto to season chicken or seafood either before or after cooking. Toss it with hot cooked pasta, or let the pasta cool first and make a cold pasta salad. Try it as a zesty sandwich spread or a dip for raw veggies or crusty bread.
  • TEMPT WITH TOMATO SAUCE. Note that the plain tomato sauce will need just a bit of seasoning if you are using it without the pesto. Simply add fresh or dried basil leaves, a bit more garlic and salt and pepper while bringing it to a simmer. Use it as the sauce for a quick spaghetti night or for pizza. Pour over chicken or shrimp for a homemade marinara, or toss with grilled veggies.
  • CAPTIVATE WITH THE COMBO. Mixed together, the zesty tomato-pesto sauce can be used for almost any pasta dish, and it makes an unexpected base for flatbread or pizza. Or go light ’n’ easy: Spoon onto a bowl, set out crackers or crostini, and kick back on the patio with a glass of wine.

Enjoy your surplus harvest and extend the summer season...with this tasty sauce, you’re officially off the hook from having to eat up all those tomatoes 24/7!

YOUR TURN: How do you use up your extra tomatoes?