Share Your Style

Looking for stylish and durable dinnerware that fits all of your dining and entertaining needs? Whether you're hosting a rooftop party or having a quiet dinner for two, the Corelle brand invites you to express your style with one of our fashionable square patterns. So who are you going to share your style with?

Simple Lines | Classic and cool

Corelle® dinnerware. Convenient. Contemporary. This Corelle® service for four set has it all. Simple Lines is just that - simple and stylish. As its name implies, this pattern features sweeping black lines against a white background. It’s fancy enough for special occasions and sturdy enough (thanks to Corelle® construction) for everyday use.

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Splendor | Celebratory and sensational

In this Corelle® dinnerware set, swirls of plum and charcoal are at once serious and whimsical. The plates feature flared rims, and all of the pieces are slightly squared for a contemporary look. As with all Corelle® dishes, each piece is extremely sturdy and can be used in the microwave, oven and dishwasher.

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Hanami Garden | Fun and fashionable

Hanami ("flower viewing") is the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers or, more specifically, cherry blossoms. And the view of this Corelle® dinnerware set is quite spectacular. Bright red cherry blossoms, in varying sizes, are magnificent against the white Corelle® ware. Plus, Hanami is easy to use and easy to clean, thanks to durable Corelle® materials.

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Kyoto Leaves | Stylish and sophisticated

Named after Kyoto, a city in Japan, this Corelle® dinnerware set reflects the serene beauty of Japanese watercolor florals. White Corelle® ware serves as the canvas for the captivating artistry, which contrasts dramatic burgundy and subtle gray leaves. Plus, Kyoto Leaves is easy to use and easy to clean, thanks to durable Corelle® ware.

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Urban Arc | Bold and beautiful

If you consider yourself a trendsetter, you’ll love Urban Arc. It’s a contemporary pattern, with a black-and-gray geometric design against white Corelle® ware. The plates feature flared rims, adding to the optical illusion. Urban Arc is easy to use and easy to clean, thanks to durable Corelle® ware. Corelle® construction.

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