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Easy Store™ Bakeware a Perfect Fit for Messy Cabinets

Easy Store™ Bakeware a Perfect Fit for Messy Cabinets

During a two-day brainstorming session held more than a year ago, a team of inspired Baker’s Secret employees considered a theme that had repeatedly emerged in consumer surveys: Moms don’t like playing bakeware Jenga in their kitchen cabinets.
So employees from all corners of the company—from sales and marketing to finance and engineering—tossed around ideas that would make bakeware storage easier by preventing pieces from tumbling helter-skelter when they’re removed from a cabinet.

Then an “aha” moment occurred: Why not take a core set of bakeware pieces and nest them in a tidy, compact package? An on-site designer quickly sketched out what such a product might look like and—voilà! The concept of Easy Store™ bakeware was born.

The nesting concept was one of approximately 125 new product ideas generated during the brainstorming sessions, held in an innovation lab at a large Chicago university. And during further discussions to winnow the concepts into a more workable number, it consistently bubbled to the top of a final field of 16 products. Later, consumers continued to weigh in on the matter, as hundreds of baking enthusiasts in the United States and Canada participated in online surveys, evaluating five products at a time.

The concept fared well enough to justify producing a group of prototypes that were later refined to blend aesthetics and practicality. Baker’s Secret even brought in a noted professional home economist to evaluate and validate the three final prototypes.

The end result? Easy Store bakeware sets hit retailer’s shelves in spring of 2013. It offers busy moms the best of both worlds: No-fuss, non-stick, easy-to-clean Baker’s Secret bakeware that comes in an innovative, space-saving package. The total footprint? A mere 15 inches long, 10.3 inches wide and 2.75 inches tall. How cool is that?!

Here’s how Easy Store works. It’s comprised of:

• A 13- by 9-inch oblong baking pan that forms the foundation of the nest.

• Two more pans—an 8- by -4-inch medium loaf pan and an 8-inch square pan—form the next “layer.”

• A six-cup muffin pan comes next, and a 13- by 9-inch small cookie sheet tops the entire ensemble.

• No need to worry about forgetting how this mini, three-dimensional puzzle fits together; a number stamped on a handle on each piece tells you which one comes first, second and so on…it’s as easy as one, two, three, four, five!

Better yet, Easy Store also offers the same features that make Baker’s Secret bakeware so popular:

• A premium, lifetime-guaranteed, non-stick coating that provides easy release of baked goods

• Dishwasher-safe cleaning

• Durable cold-rolled steel that won’t rust, peel or warp

• A modern handle design

So next time your bakeware comes tumbling, think of it as your own “aha” moment. It’s time for Easy Store bakeware so you can skip games of cabinet Jenga.