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How-To: Bake Sale Ideas for a Successful Fund-Raiser

How-To: Bake Sale Ideas for a Successful Fund-Raiser

10 Tips for the Best Bake Sale Ever

Everyone loves a bake sale. These tips and tricks make selling treats a fun and simple way to raise money, whether it’s for school, church or a favorite charity.

From fresh-baked cookies to delish brownies and cupcakes, it’s tough to say no to homemade treats. The question is, how can you make sure your bake sale is successful?

Snap your fingers and consider it done with our 10 tips for the best bake sale ever:

  1. Location Is Key

    Do you have a space for the event? Will the owners donate their facilities to your cause? Find a place that’s easy to get to and easy on your budget.

  2. Vary Your Pricing

    Try offering variety, like packaging different portions at a variety of prices. Sell items individually, by the plate and by the pan.

  3. Collect Sign-Ups

    Provide a sign-up list early on—dividing into categories like Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes or Breads—and encourage participants to write down which treats they’ll make. Seeing others’ plans helps ensure a good balance of baked goods.

  4. Get the Word Out

    You can have the best baked goods in the world, but you’ll end up eating them all yourself if you don’t promote the event. Hand out flyers, posters and postcards. Also ask local businesses to put signs in their windows or postcards on their counters. For the day of the sale, make a large banner and place it where the most traffic will see it.

  5. Pick a Theme

    This is a great way to make your bake sale stand out. Choose something fun like pirates or fictional characters, and sell items around that theme. Give treats clever names, decorate the surrounding area and have your volunteers dress in costumes.

  6. It’s All About Presentation

    Even if your treats taste yummy, they need to look appetizing as well. Use bakeware, like Baker’s Secret®, to help transport your treats and even display them at the sale. Want to increase profits? Wait until bakeware is on sale and stock up. Sell your treats packaged and nested in the bakeware it was made in. Festive plates and colorful wraps and ribbons dress up your goodies and get customers in the spirit to buy.

  7. Recruit Volunteers

    In addition to bakers, you need people to set up and tear down, handle the money and wave people in.

  8. Ask About Matching Funds

    You may be able to double your money by getting local organizations or businesses to match the amount you make. This can also be a selling point for your customers, who will buy more if they know their money is going further.

  9. Research Any Regulations

    Does your area require permits for holding bake sales? Are there health code considerations? Find out in advance.

  10. Document the Experience

    Take photos to post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or shoot videos for YouTube. When everyone sees how much fun it was, it’ll make great publicity for next year’s sale. With a little planning and ingenuity, a bake sale can bring in plenty of money and be lots of fun. Be creative! Come up with your own ideas. What are your ideas for a successful bake sale?