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Grilling Tools: Three Knives for Cutting Meat

Grilling Tools: Three Knives for Cutting Meat

Among the fiery battles over barbecue—charcoal vs. gas, vinegar-based vs. tomato-based sauce, dry rub vs. marinade—there is one thing that can’t be argued about: the importance of using the correct knives when preparing and serving your meat. Use the wrong one and you’ll damage the food, or worse, cut yourself.

While you may be inclined to bring every knife from your kitchen out to grill up your whole menu, lighten the load with these three useful multitaskers. Pack them in your grilling toolbox along with tongs, grilling mitts and matches or a lighter. Then you’ll have everything you need within arms’ reach.

Here are three go-to knives for great grilling:

  • Carving/slicing knife. Any time meat is being prepared, no other knife compares to this one for its ability to cleanly cut through a large piece of meat. Because the carver or slicer is lighter, longer and narrower than a chef’s knife, it’s excellent for slicing meat. A good rule of thumb: use a blade that’s an inch or two longer than food you’re cutting.
  • Utility knife. Like its name suggests, a utility knife is great because it will slice, peel, carve or chop just about anything. It’s a handy thing to have around when you’re grilling meats and vegetables.
  • A steak knife. (Bet you didn’t see that coming!) With its serrated edges, a steak knife stays sharp longer than a flat blade, making it a great low-maintenance option to have in the grilling toolbox.

If you have room for one more tool, include kitchen shears. From cutting meat to trimming off fat, slicing vegetables to opening a package, this tool’s versatility makes it a rock star.

And remember—always wash your knives by hand. They tend to get nicked in the dishwasher, dulling the knife, and the high temperature of the dry cycle can warp and damage the blade.