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Our Story

Our Story

The Chicago Cutlery® Brand Story

It’s easy to make knives seem complicated – the many shapes, angles, metals, grips and techniques. But Chicago Cutlery® brand has spent the past 80-plus years making them simple – first for professional knife users, then for everyone who loves to cook.

Our story begins in 1930, fittingly in the meat markets of Chicago. The Chicago Cutlery brand began as a knife conditioning service that catered to professional butchers and packing plants. Their specialty: keeping knives sharp and finely honed for the masters of the craft. When the demand for sharp knives increased, Chicago Cutlery brand evolved into a knife manufacturing business catering to the meat and poultry industries.

In 1969, Chicago Cutlery brand began making professional-grade knives for every kitchen. But like any tool, the magic is in its use. So, Chicago Cutlery brand began designing knives that rewarded the at-home chef’s success with their knife skills, building confidence and security in the kitchen.

  • Our knives are comfortable, sturdy and well-balanced, making them easier to use
  • The blades take and hold an edge for precise cutting
  • Our range of knives meet every need and cooking style
History of accessible innovation

From the first time we brought professional-grade knives into the home, we’ve searched for ways to make the art of chopping, slicing and carving easy and attainable to all. Our latest advances include innovative grips for superior control and non-stick coating on blades – and of course a range of designs and materials to fit in any at-home chef’s kitchen.