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Rock Your Table: Tips to decorate and style your table

Rock Your Table: Tips to decorate and style your table

Corelle® dinnerware, with its diverse selection of patterns and looks, brings a fresh and fashionable style to any table. But, if you’re getting bored with the same look, or just want to freshen up your table look, you’ll want to try these tips from our expert stylist, Veronica Smith. She spends her days on photo and video sets, or tucked away in the prop room, finding just the right things to create beautiful, inspiring table settings.

The fun thing is, Veronica assures anyone can do it. To get you started, she demonstrates how three popular Corelle dinnerware patterns can be “dressed up” for that fashion-forward look.

No matter which Corelle pattern is your favorite, Veronica’s tips will work with any of them, as well as any shape or color scheme. Consider these tips a foundation for stretching your creativity and making your Corelle table rock!


The simplicity of the embossed white Corelle Cherish dinnerware, part of the new Boutique™ collection, is perfect for exercising your tabletop creativity. If you want a setting for a special occasion, to change out the look for the season or just set the tone for a special dinner, this pattern will quickly elevate your style.

How did Veronica create this sophisticated tablescape?

“Accessorize,” she says. Just like a piece of jewelry can make an outfit, the accessories you arrange on your table can easily elevate it from ordinary to fabulous. To select your tabletop accessories, Veronica recommends:

  • Looking no further than your own backyard. “A lot of things in nature can make your table elegant,” she says. Small blossoms, especially in white, complement the contemporary feel of this table.
  • Candles, even small votives, are a quick and inexpensive way to step a table up a notch. Plus, the warm glow will help set a relaxing or romantic mood.
  • Accessorize in threes. An odd number, like the three candles on this table, creates a nice, elegant balance.
  • Let food influence color. With all white dinnerware, bold colored fruits and vegetables create a colorful splash on the table. You may even want to base accessory colors on key foods from the meal.
  • Also, change up your tabletop style seasonally by simply selecting a different tablecloth, flatware or centerpiece.

When you want to give your traditional dinnerware a fresh look, concentrate on refreshing the surroundings.

For the Folk Stitch pattern, from the Corelle Livingware™ line, Veronica played off the collection’s soft-green watercolor leaves and contemporary wide rim. Here’s what she focused on:

  • Contrasting cloth napkins. “Complementary colors can make a significant visual impact—often, even more so than colors that match” she says. “I chose purple because it brings out the green without taking attention away from the beautiful pattern.”
  • If you don’t have time to consult a color wheel to learn the basics in primary and secondary colors, look to brand-name logos and advertisements to drive color choices. They’re a great resource for identifying colors that work well together. Good examples of complementary colors are red and green (think Christmas), yellow and purple (anyone a Vikings fan?), and orange and blue (check out the Firefox logo).
  • Shapes, such as round placemats, which are more casual, yet create a unique frame for the pattern.
  • Table greenery complements the look and feel of the Folk Stitch pattern. “By using several small pots, you can spread the greenery throughout your table.”

Deciding on how to personalize your table ultimately comes down to looking at the pattern on your dinnerware and then finding something that helps it “pop.”

“A benefit of basic black-on-white Simple Lines dinnerware is that it goes with everything!” Veronica says. “The fun is in deciding what color you want to infuse in your look.”

Smith likes red and yellow. “I thought this pattern is very modern in design,” she explains, “and yellows and reds look both classic and modern when paired with the black and white.”

Other ideas for contemporary dinnerware patterns:

  • Hot colors right now are orange, teal and even pink. Use these colors for a tablecloth or napkin set, creating lots of personality.
  • For a more formal look, stay with a black-and-white palette with your linens, candles and other table decorations.
  • Finally, use a centerpiece to break up the symmetry of the table setting. This very long table greenery is a bit of a surprise, but its simple, single color doesn’t distract from the beautiful tablescape.

ROCK YOUR TABLE! Let’s see your creative Corelle tablescapes. Post your pictures in Instagram, and don’t forget to tag with hastag #Corelle. Include your tips, too!