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The Fresh, New Look of Corelle Embossed Dinnerware

The Fresh, New Look of Corelle Embossed Dinnerware

To make already elegant white Corelle® dinnerware look even better is a tall order. Right up there with fitting into those skinny jeans that hang optimistically in the back of your closet.

But style-minded Corelle designers figured out how to transport the classic dining staple to a new dimension: Embossing a stunning pattern onto the durable dishware. It creates a fresh, new wow for classic Corelle dinnerware.

To create the makeover, designers faced a daunting challenge: How to give glass-smooth dinnerware a sense of visual movement, while still using amazing Vitrelle® technology—three layers of heat-strengthened glass that produce plates as strong as they are thin and lightweight. Plus, the dishes had to be produced within an established and time-tested manufacturing process that makes Corelle dinnerware so amazing.

Mission impossible? No way!

How Did They Do It?

The first step to creating a great new design is to talk to consumers and discover what they’re looking for in their dinnerware. Market researchers relied on consumer focus groups that reviewed plastic prototypes and photographs to narrow down a broad array of embossed-plate options. Two designs quickly emerged as fan favorites: One with a contemporary shape but traditional look, and the other with a traditional shape but a contemporary look. The unexpected juxtaposition created visual excitement.

Breaking the Mold

Next, product designers had to figure out how to make Vitrelle glass do something it’s never done before (which is about as easy as persuading your toddler to become a neat freak). In essence, engineers were asked to introduce flaws and imperfections to perfectly smooth Corelle dinnerware, without sacrificing its beloved attributes: Thinness, lightweight, strength and durability.

The solution? First smooth rollers pressed super-heated, lava-like Vitrelle into sheets of uniform thickness. Then a second set of rollers pressed delicate patterns into the layers, leaving an imprint in the otherwise flawless molten glass. Voilà! Two new designs were born. Talk about making a great impression!

The Result

The world’s greatest glass has never looked so good. The extensive research and critical feedback from Corelle fans across the country, combined with a new production technique, resulted in two fashion-forward collections that marry contemporary and traditional design elements. Meet the two new embossed dinnerware collections:

• Swept, a traditional round-shaped, wide-rim plate with an embossed white-on-white pattern that evokes a contemporary, Zen-like vibe
• Cherish, a contemporary square-shaped plate with a traditional embossed white-on-white motif, reminiscent of elegant fine china

Whether you love the new embossed collections or prefer the traditional smooth-surfaced styles, Corelle has the design for you! Best of all, because they are made of Vitrelle glass, they feature all the great qualities that make Corelle plates and bowls a worldwide favorite among home cooks, dinner hosts and newlyweds:

• Chip-, scratch- and stain-resistance
• Safe for the dishwasher, microwave and oven
• Pretty enough for special occasions but tough enough for everyday use
• Stacks neatly to save space in your kitchen

Take a look at Corelle dinnerware’s innovative new embossed looks. Don’t forget to touch and feel the beautiful embossed patterns. We think you’ll “Cherish” them for years to come as you’re “Swept” away by their elegant, groundbreaking designs.