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Make It, Bake It, Take It! Easy One-Dish Meals

Make It, Bake It, Take It! Easy One-Dish Meals

One-dish meals are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to cook. Recipes like casseroles, stews and pasta dishes can be prepared, cooked, served and stored using a single CORNINGWARE® BAKING DISH. And, they’re perfect for cutting down cleanup time, freeing your evening for other more enjoyable activities.

The simplicity of such dishes is only matched by how hearty and tasty they can be.


One-dish meals have a variety of advantages over other types of cooking, while still being just as flavorful and satisfying.

  • Health. It’s virtually impossible to forget the vegetables in a one-dish meal because most of the time they’re included in the recipe. These meals are often nutritious and satisfying, with an ideal balance of vegetables, carbs and protein. One-dish meals do have a tendency to get salty if you’re not careful, so try to choose low-sodium ingredients, and season to taste instead of salting before cooking.
  • Cleanup. Even if you have a dishwasher, doing the dishes after making a meal can be a daunting prospect. With one-dish meals, you’ll only have to clean up, well, one dish.
  • Time. One-dish meals are not labor intensive. Chop everything up, throw into the baking dish and put it in the oven. Even if the baking time is an hour or two, the actual prep time is usually measured in a few minutes. You can also put together dishes one day and then store them in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to bake them a different day. How’s that for easy!
  • Potlucks & Parties. One-dish meals made in CorningWare® dishes are especially useful for taking to potlucks or family gatherings since the entire dish can be cooked, transported and stored safely. Many of the new CorningWare® dishes have handles and glass covers—perfect for this.
  • Leftovers. Many casseroles, stews and chili hold up well as leftovers. In fact, a day or two in the fridge usually brings out the flavors in these dishes.

With planning, careful ingredient choices and advanced preparation, one-dish meals can get even simpler. For example:

  • Wash, peel and chop vegetables like carrots and onions the day you buy them. That way they are ready for any recipe.
  • If you find certain vegetables or meats time-consuming to prepare, look for precut or frozen versions. For example, chopped frozen broccoli can be much easier than buying the whole crown, and, if pressed for time, there’s no reason to soak dry beans instead of purchasing the canned kind.
  • Take advantage of prepared products like broths and “cream of” soups, often a staple in these recipes.
  • Be sure to choose the right size and shape of CorningWare® bakeware for your recipe to make sure it cooks evenly. The rule of thumb: Don’t overfill a dish, filling it no more than three-fourths full.

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