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Use Your Noodle: Fun New Flavors for Spaghetti

Use Your Noodle: Fun New Flavors for Spaghetti

Spaghetti—it’s cheap, a snap to make and fun to eat. And everyone seems to have a box or two in the pantry. Whether tossed with sauce or topped with butter and Parm, it’s a weeknight go-to for many of us. But before you pop the lid off the store-bought marinara, see how these blogging home cooks are using their noodles to create quick ethnic cuisine. Whether you’re craving Chinese or Mexican, we found six new fast-fix twists (say that three times fast!) for this popular pasta. Grab a box, have the kids set the table with the versatile Corelle® LivingWareTM Winter Frost White pasta set, and for once, dinner will be done faster than takeout.


This recipe is so good, it seems wrong. How can the combination of two comfort foods—pasta and Chinese food—actually be healthy? You’ll see…Jenna Noel shared her Chinese Chicken Spaghetti with Taste of Home and proved that you can have a protein-packed dish that tastes like delivery, but with fewer than 350 calories.


Gabi knows how to make the most of every meal. Just by adding eggs, milk and whatever veggies or cheese she has on hand, she shows how easy it is to transform leftover spaghetti into a quick and satisfying Greek-inspired frittata. Her blog, Honest Fare, explains how it’s done.


Food blogger and mother of four, Leslie specializes in two things: pasta and Mexican cuisine. So naturally she’s our go-to source for a delicious Sopa de Espagueti (Mexican Spaghetti). Her tasty tricks? She boils the noodles with onion and a cube of chicken bouillon, and adds rich Mexican crema to the tomato sauce. Yup, you’re going to want go to La Cocina de Leslie and try this tonight.

TIP: Mexican crema is the Hispanic version of sour cream and is available in Mexican grocery stores. As a substitute, you can use sour cream or crème fraîche, which is not as sweet.


Never mind the fact that this dish is lighter than it sounds. The clever part is that the meatballs and noodles all cook together in a savory tomato broth, so there’s only one pot to wash. Fans of Gina Homolka at skinnytaste.com were quick to share their enthusiasm for this family-pleasing dinner.


Made famous by a popular kids’ television show, spaghetti tacos became all the rage a few years ago. If you’ve yet to try them, Heidi at foodiecrush.com has a slightly more sophisticated take on this playful dinner. We promise it’s worth a try. Even if the taco shells aren’t your thing, the slow-simmered sauce deserves a taste.


Thai food devotees, this is the recipe you’ve been waiting for! Wife, mother and food blogger, Krista from joyfulhealthyeats.com, has figured out a way to use simple pantry ingredients (think peanut butter, spaghetti and chicken) to whip up a gingery noodle dish in—ready for the best part?—20 minutes! If that’s not using your noodle, we don’t know what is.

Slide a couple of these recipes in the pasta slot of your weeknight rotation and get ready for some quick and easy adventures in ethnic cuisine. Buckle up…the adventure begins!

YOUR TURN: What’s your most inventive way to use spaghetti noodles?