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Wedding Registries: The Musts, the Nice-tos and the Fun-to-Haves

Wedding Registries: The Musts, the Nice-tos and the Fun-to-Haves

Registering for wedding gifts can be both exciting and overwhelming. On the one hand, it’s a chance to finally upgrade your kitchenware. On the other, it can be easy to get bogged down by flashy items that look good in the moment, but inevitably end up collecting dust. To help keep things simple, we’ve created a registry ratio that breaks down some must-haves, nice-to-haves and fun-to-haves.



If you and your partner are just starting out, odds are that your cabinets are full of a mishmash of dishes. Take this opportunity to bring your kitchenware to the next level by registering for a cohesive dinnerware set. Opt for 8-12 place settings, so you’ll have the ability to entertain. If you have a large guest list, consider registering for a formal set that would be used for holidays and special occasions in addition to a more casual set for everyday meals. Some of Corelle dinnerware’s top picks that are durable and stylish:

Casseroles and Bakers:

Casserole and bakers are essential to any kitchen, whether you’re an apartment dweller (leftovers are a great way to simplify meal planning) or more apt to make dinner for a family of five. At some point, you’re going to need to feed a crowd, and a casserole or baker will be the fastest and easiest option. We recommend CW BY CORNINGWARE® 4 PIECE CASSEROLE SET, a new and exciting line of bakeware that serves all your needs and brings a fresh, colorful look to your kitchen. Best of all, no matter how much cabinet space you have, these vibrant bakers nest together neatly for easy storage.

Glasses and Mugs:

It should go without saying that every complete kitchen needs a variety of vessels to drink from. However, the key is to find a perfect balance of usefulness and style. Choose glasses that you know you’ll use day in and day out rather than getting distracted by specific-use cups like champagne flutes or juice glasses. For hot drinks, register for CORNINGWARE® COLOURS™ POP-INS® 20 OUNCE MUGS W/ LIDS. It allows you to switch from at-home to on-the-go in seconds…and yes, its generous size is Grande, holding a full can of soup or double the coffee you get from that expensive corner shop.


Every cook needs a great set of knives. Whether you’re brand new to making meals or a savvy budding chef, Chicago Cutlery has a line for you. Check out the CHICAGO CUTLERY® PROHOLD™ 13-PC BLOCK SET and the high-end CHICAGO CUTLERY® DESIGNPRO™ COLLECTION, each designed to help you properly hold knives for immediate success in the kitchen. One of the most popular registry block sets is the CHICAGO CUTLERY® INSIGNIA® STEEL 18-PC BLOCK SET with built-in knife sharpener. It’s a less intimidating sharpening option than a honing rod, and great reminder to keep your knives sharp over time.

Baking/Cookie Sheets:

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to get good use out of baking sheets. They’re the go-to choice for everything from roasting vegetables to heating leftovers or frozen foods like French fries. Every kitchen should have at least two. This also offers a lower cost option for wedding guests who may be on a tight budget. Check out BAKER’S SECRET COOKIE SHEETS, including the BAKER’S SECRET® 2-PC MEDIUM COOKIE SHEET VALUE PACK.


Slow Cooker:

A slow cooker is a great kitchen time-saver. Throw any meat and vegetable combination in there on a busy morning, and you’ll come home to a hot and delicious meal at the end of the day. With the ability to simmer everything from stews to roasts and even mulled cocktails, it will come in handy for any cook, regardless of what type of food you like to eat.

Food Processor:

Food processors are one of those kitchen items that you won’t know you need until you own one. They offer a smooth pulse that is almost impossible to achieve by hand, and with a variety of applications—such as pesto, bread dough, hummus, shredded slaw and homemade nut butters—it’s well worth any counter space it takes. Plus, since most models are in a higher price range, it’s likely to be one of those items that you’ll end up coveting, yet would never buy on your own.

Serving Platters:

Hosting friends and family for dinner is on the top of many couples’ first-year to-do lists. Make sure your dinner party is a showstopper by registering for serving platters. While the platters may not be needed for every meal, they will undoubtedly get lots of use over the years. Go for a neutral pick like this CORNINGWARE® FRENCH WHITE® PLATTER W/ BAMBOO INSERT so it will fit in at both casual gatherings and formal affairs.


Waffle Iron:

Some couples relish weekend brunches at home, while others prefer to go out. If you’re the stay-at-home type who loves a leisurely weekend breakfast, than consider adding a waffle iron to your registry.

Pie Dishes:

Pie dishes are adorable and perfect for couples. They come in every color under the sun and smack of domestic bliss. Unless you’re already accustomed to making your own pies, they may not get the amount of use you envision. But, if baking is a personal passion, consider this CorningWare® Etch™ 9.5″ Pie Plate . Not only does it come in a variety of shades, but the premium-crafted stoneware ensures even baking every time.

Punch Bowls:

While a themed punch can add a kick to any gathering, this is one piece that you’ll finding yourself making up excuses to use. If you don’t, it just takes up valuable storage space. Odds are a friend has one stashed away from their wedding registry days, if you ever need it. If you’re not sold on having a punch bowl set on your list, feel free to leave it off in favor of an item that you know you love.


These may have a higher-price point that you’d typically spend on yourself, but, if it fits your lifestyle, consider…

  • High-end coffee makers: Great if you both can’t do without your morning joe, but if you prefer the coffee shop ambiance, you may decide to skip.
  • High-Powered Blenders and Juicers: Very popular and often a great investment in your health (think smoothies!). But in reality, you may want to consider if you have enough storage or counter space first.While this offers a guide to what to aim for in your registry, it’s important to stay true to your personal style and tastes as a couple. Whatever you pick, your friends and family will be happy to help you and your spouse stock your kitchen as you start your life together.

YOUR TURN: Do you know of a must-have registry item that we forgot? How about something that should never make the list? Share your comments below.