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Epic Ways to Up Your Grilled Cheese Game

Epic Ways to Up Your Grilled Cheese Game

You might think that whipping up a grilled cheese is taking the easy way out for dinner, but no more—we’re raising the stakes on “grilled cheese night” and turning it into a meal to remember! From creative twists on the classic sandwich to tasty bakes inspired by melted cheddar and toasted bread, you’ll find plenty of ideas to up your grilled cheese game and rock everyone’s taste buds.

As you expand your sandwich horizons, you’ll find that grilled cheese can easily move beyond a weekday fallback or go-to grub for the kids’ sleepovers. Add some interesting ingredients to the mix and suddenly you have an attention-grabbing entree good enough for a special dinner or to star at a party.


Let’s get started! You won’t need to master a new stovetop technique to up the ante here. In order to move the been-there-done-that grilled cheese to the next level, you merely need to upgrade your ingredients.

  • BREAD—When it comes to bread, want to ensure that your sandwich is light, crispy and toasty on the outside with a moist and tender inside. doesn’t mean you need to rely only on boring white bread. Give sourdough, rye, multigrain or even sweet Hawaiian bread a try.
  • CHEESE—Cheese is easy peasy…it just needs to melt! And ideally, before you burn your bread. If you’re worried that your cheese won’t melt fast enough, shred it rather than using slices. That said, broaden your options to include Muenster, pepper Jack, Havarti, provolone, Brie, feta…or whatever strikes your fancy.
  • BUTTER—Although some folks swear by margarine, the richness of real butter can’t be beat. The trick to a perfectly browned sandwich is making sure the butter is at room temperature so you can spread it without damaging the bread.
  • FILLINGS—Here’s where things get fun! Make your sandwiches extraordinary with a slew of delicious toppings like bacon, jam, grilled apples, coleslaw, pesto, roasted red peppers, avocado, asparagus, ham, salami or corned beef. There’s no limit to what you can do. Get creative!
  • SOUPS AND SAUCES—What’s a grilled cheese without a yummy bowl of soup on the side? How about trying this TOMATO-SWEET POTATO SOUP WITH KALE that’s packed with color and antioxidants? This vibrant veggie soup is packed with nutrients, full of flavor, and can be a vegetarian option if you use vegetable broth.
  • DIPS—You can also concoct some amazing flavor combos by bringing different kinds of dip into the picture. For example, offer guac and sour cream for a pepper Jack Tex-Mex grilled cheese, or Thousand Island and ranch dressing to brighten a sandwich featuring a more mild cheese.


Ready to host a sandwich soirée? Set up a grilled cheese bar at your next celebration so your friends can mix and match fillings to make their new favorite cheesy combo, then pop them onto an electric griddle to cook. Be sure to include array of meats, cheeses and veggies. You can prep the ingredients ahead of time and store them in clear glass PYREX®FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS with easy snap-on lids.

When the party gets started, you can simply arrange the PYREX® CONTAINERS on the kitchen counter, table or breakfast bar, pop off the lids and let your guests dig in. can even suggest some tasty compilations, like a caprese-mozzarella pleaser, hip taco-inspired griller or a sweet chili chicken and cheddar sandwich.


The one drawback to grilling sandwiches for everyone is that you’re stuck standing at the griddle or the stove. Plus, it can be tough to serve everyone a fresh, hot sandwich straight from the pan at the same time. The solution? Whip up one simple dish to quash those cheesy cravings all at once.

Bacon-Guacamole Grilled Cheese Bake
Try this creamy-crunchy casserole for a delish dinner. It’s filled with savory flavors that will make everyone’s mouth water! Serve with salsa and sliced jalapeños for an extra kick.

Monte Cristo Waffle Grilled Cheese Bake
In the mood for something a little sweeter? Give this dish a whirl. Our new take on the Monte Cristo uses waffles, creamy ricotta and jam to turn the classic ham, turkey and Swiss sandwich on its head. Yum!


  • If your grilled cheese is looking a bit overstuffed, just set a plate on top of the sandwich, hold onto it and flip the pan. Then, lower the plate with the sandwich on top of it and slide it back into the pan. Problem solved!
  • Looking for a special soup to serve alongside your grilled cheese? Check out our article Soups On! You In? for some inspired ideas.
  • If your sandwich is going to be stuffed with ingredients that are on the wet side, you may want to toast the bread very lightly first. No one likes a soggy sandwich.