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3 Kid-Friendly Veggie Snack Hacks

3 Kid-Friendly Veggie Snack Hacks



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Do your kiddos squeal with excitement when they open their lunch boxes? If not, you may want to gussy up their goodies. As busy parents know, bento boxes are a tot-friendly, on-trend way to make lunchtime more fun. But building one of these little lunch boxes can be a daunting task for even the most on-the-ball parents. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got 3 super-cute (and super-quick) snack hacks that’ll make whipping up these mini masterpieces loads of fun.


These ideas take just minutes to make. Perfect for packing into bento boxes, these savory snackers are a surefire way to get kiddos to eat their veggies.


Getting kids to eat their veggies can be tricky. But with this adorable snack hack, we can help you be trickier. Use long toothpicks, skewers or cocktail picks to create bite-size tortellini skewers.

  • Here’s how: Thread cooked spinach tortellini, grape tomatoes, small broccoli florets and 1-inch chunks of string cheese onto 3- to 4-inch skewers. Drizzle with Italian dressing, sprinkle with grated Parmesan and pop into a SNAPWARE® TOTAL SOLUTION™ RECTANGULAR PLASTIC FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER. Just like that, you’ve got a simply delish snack in a snap!

Stop veggie complaints in their tracks with these fun dino dippers. When cut into edible footprints, veggies suddenly become irresistible!

  • Here’s how: To make veggies into the shape of a dinosaur print, you’ll need a cucumber, peeled carrot, zucchini or bell pepper. Slice diagonally to create an oval. Next, cut two triangle-shaped slices from one end of the oval, leaving three dino “toes.” Now for the fun part! Spread a thin layer of creamy dressing, dip or hummus in the bottom of a SNAPWARE® TOTAL SOLUTION™ ON THE GO 3 CUP PLASTIC RECTANGLE W/ ICE PACK and arrange the dino tracks on top.

Eating the rainbow is not only healthy, it’s fun, too. Whip up these tasty treats for a snack that’s sure to please.

  • Here’s how: Start by spreading a thin layer of hummus onto a tortilla. Then, slice rainbow-colored veggies into thin strips. For red, we used tomato and red bell peppers. For orange, carrots; right on down the line to purple cabbage. Pick fun veggies for each color or let the kiddos choose their own. Pile the colors together in the center of the tortilla, roll tightly, then slice into 1-inch pieces. Pack in the large or small containers of the SNAPWARE® TOTAL SOLUTION™ ON THE GO 12-PC PLASTIC VALUE PACK and send this savory snackable on its way.


For a bento box lunch that has it all, pack Bitty Bobs, Dino Dippers and Rainbow Roll-Ups into a SNAPWARE® TOTAL SOLUTION™ ON THE GO 5 CUP PLASTIC SQUARE W/ DIVIDED TRAY. Snap on the airtight, leak-proof lid to ensure your bento box is just as neat and tidy when lunchtime arrives as it was when you sent it off.

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