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Organize Your Life: Back-to-School Morning Routine Tips

Organize Your Life: Back-to-School Morning Routine Tips

Improve Your Back-to-School Morning Routine

Mornings can be a hectic time for families. Between getting yourself ready for work, waking up the kids, getting everyone fed and dressed, and making sure schoolbags and lunches are ready, mornings can feel impossible at times.

One of the best ways to stop the cycle of chaos is to create new back-to-school routines. And what better time than now to start a new routine!

Try the following tips from Snapware® to improve your back-to-school morning routine:

Simplify Lunch

Trying to cook breakfast and lunch in your small amount of morning time can be overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to bring a little sanity to the situation:

Speedy Breakfast

Essentials like oatmeal, cereal and raisins can be stored on the counter using Snapware containers, making it easy for the whole family to serve themselves. To prevent cereal from going stale, try a cereal keeper like the Fliptop Food Storage Container, which is especially useful if you buy it in bulk.

Groom the Paper Trail

Paperwork can be one of the biggest issues once school begins, but creating spaces or marking SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® HOME STORAGE CONTAINERS for papers can help you keep it organized.

  • Organize your back-to-school routine with separate containers for ingoing and outgoing paperwork. Each night, check for paperwork that needs to be addressed, and make sure that any necessary paperwork ends up in the correct kid’s backpack the night before.
  • Making a space for paperwork also lets your kids get any documents to you, even if you’re busy or not home.
  • Save kids’ artwork in Snapware® Smart Store® Home Storage Containers. They come in many sizes and stack, giving you storage solutions for more than one child or storing those priceless originals for multiple years.
Dress Ahead

Lay out clothes the night before to save time and prevent early morning meltdowns fueled by indecision. During your nightly routine, have your child pull out fresh clothes and lay them out on a chair or desk, along with shoes and socks.

Remember Special Days

For special school days like birthdays, holidays and class parties, the SNAP ‘N STACK COOKIE & CUPCAKE CARRIER makes it easy to pack desserts for your child’s class, without the struggle of carrying in heavy or breakable bakeware. After cooling, cookies, cupcakes and muffins can be placed directly into the carrier, snapped shut and placed near the door so it’s not forgotten!

Have a special morning routine or organization tip that works for your family? Share your ideas with us!