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Right Side Up: Get into the Fresh Flavors of Spring

Right Side Up: Get into the Fresh Flavors of Spring

Gardens everywhere are springing back to life, so say good-bye to heavy and hearty fare and get a taste of all things fresh and light. Discover delicious ways to use the new spring crop of fruits and veggies, and add color, crunch and bright, cheerful flavors to your next meal.

First, check out our Produce Picks of the Season to learn which ones are at their prime right now. Second, learn what to do with your fresh finds. Third, complement the results with the fresh patterns of Corelle®SquareTM Dinnerware. Make sure to check out our rectangular appetizer plate, it complements every Corelle pattern and is perfect for serving sides, especially asparagus. We’ve rounded up a seasonal collection of sides so tasty you’ll forget about the winter blues and fill your plates with the sweet hues of spring.


  • Fresh green beans lightly marinated in a simple dressing make for a refreshing change of pace, as featured by The Naptime Chef.
  • Sweet baby carrots, whether cooked or eaten raw, are a go-to side for many. But have you ever had them pickled? Gather just five ingredients and try this fun recipe from Taste of Home.


  • Tender new potatoes

    roasted with fresh herbs can give spud lovers a taste of spring. Here’s a simple fork-tender suggestion from Food 52.

  • Super-food spinach sautéed with toasted garlic and butter makes for a sensational sidekick to your steak. Thanks for the idea, Babble!


  • Juicy apricots are a succulent alternative to apples in this dish from the Reluctant Entertainer.
  • Tangy rhubarb has a sweet-and-sour reputation, but it’s more than just a pie filling. Taste of Home uses it to pep up pork chops or tenderloin .


  • Sweet snap peas with toasted sesame seeds make a flavorful companion to salmon or tuna, but you can try this one with other veggies, too. The secret to this dish from The Kitchn is to roast the snap peas first to bring out the sweetness.
  • Crisp asparagus, whether grilled, sautéed or gently steamed, is a perfect stand-alone side to seafood, but we love the ease of this dish from Taste of Home where the entrée and side bake together.


  • Toss ’em in. Adding fresh peas and spicy radishes to tender fettuccine will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Check it out on Mother Earth News.
  • Top it off. Lightly dress a pizza in lovely shades of spring green. Wild Yeast even has tips on how to achieve an authentic pizza-oven char.

Whatever you’re planning to serve tonight, adding a fresh, new side is an easy way to cultivate spring’s appeal. Be sure to check these blogs for more ideas, too—new ones sprout up every day!


How do you brighten up dinner when spring blooms?