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Grill Thrills: Give Dad the Gift of Bold BBQ flavors

Grill Thrills: Give Dad the Gift of Bold BBQ flavors

With Father’s Day coming up, here’s a free and important public service announcement for the gift-giving challenged: Dad doesn’t need another tie. Or a “World’s Best Dad!” beer cozy. Or a “King of the Grill” apron—though you’re getting, um, warmer now. Yes, for the man who will teach children essential knowledge, such as “naps are worthwhile well after toddlerhood,” only one gift will do. One targeted straight to his stomach, like these homemade grilling condiments that make ordinary grilling extraordinary.

Mix up a couple from the list below, and give along with a new CHICAGO CUTLERY® WOODWORKS® CUTTING BOARD and CHICAGO CUTLERY® AVONDALE™ 16-PC BLOCK SET, and Dad’ll be all fired up about his special day.


Nothing against traditional tomato-based barbecue sauces, mind you. But like your exercise routine, it’s invigorating to change things up every so often. And this soulful, Southern-inspired sauce—created by Joshua Bousel at The Meat Wave and made with fresh peaches, vinegar, molasses, Worcestershire sauce and a splash of bourbon—will wake up those taste buds at your next barbecue. Slathered over pulled pork or chicken? Yes, please!


It’s okay to use bottled ketchup on burgers and such. We’re not here to judge. But to take Dad’s grilling to the next level, surprise him with a jar of this attention-getting condiment, conjured up by Viet World Kitchen blogger Andrea Nguyen. It showcases umami, the savory “fifth flavor” (unofficially part of the sweet, salty, sour and bitter gang). In case you’re wondering, ketchup actually has Asian roots; it derives from a Chinese word, “ke-tsiap,” which means fermented fish sauce. Who knew?


Trying to use all those zucchinis from your garden—and your neighbors’ and relatives’ gardens—can be a daunting challenge. The solution? This tricked-up zucchini relish, featuring horseradish and jalapeños, that just might turn regular ol’ green pickle relish red with embarrassment. Your next grill fest attendees will clamor for the recipe, created by foodies Kat and Matt Lewinski, a Minnesota couple that blogs about tasty eats at A Good Appetite.


It may seem a little odd to mix cocoa with chiles, two of the basic ingredients for this dry barbecue rub from BBQ-phile and blogger Steven Raichlen. But your dad or better half will think you’re a genius after you present this zesty concoction featured in his Barbecue Bible. Inspired by a traditional mole (Spanish for “sauce”) from the Mexican state of Michoacán, this rub can be used on everything from ribs to chicken and lets him take a trip down south—no passport required. Es delicioso? Si!


Few things taste more like summer than corn on the cob, grilled in the husks, infused with smoky flavor and served dripping with melted butter. But when you add this fantastic dry mix from Natasha’s Kitchen —a tasty blend of garlic, sugar, salt, fresh-ground black pepper and ground cumin—then combine it with fresh lime juice and butter, a summer classic becomes grill-iculously good.

Don’t let your grill master settle for store-bought condiments. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make Dad’s undisputed domain—the grill—an even more hallowed place that’ll keep him smiling all summer long.

YOUR TURN: What special foods does your Dad enjoy the most on Father’s Day?