Customer Service

Collaboration and Teamwork

We only succeed if we excel at bringing our resources together to create rich multi-functional teams. We actively define the processes and break down barriers to help our teams succeed. When teams work effectively, the results are dramatic and lead to:

  • Richer ideas
  • More thorough solutions
  • Faster execution
  • Outstanding results for the business
  • Growth, development and rewards for our people


As a global organization, World Kitchen understands the importance of effective communication. We are committed to sharing information with our employees worldwide and have instituted several platforms of communication to support this. In addition to regular Town Hall Meetings, we actively communicate and solicit employee feedback through company blogs, employee engagement surveys and our People Advisory Committee. Our employees are the heartbeat of our company. Their opinions matter and are heard.

Professional Development

We support everything from a specialized class to a graduate degree. Our employees tell us that they value the teamwork, partnership and learning they derive from others within World Kitchen. Our global footprint allows employees the ability to tap into expertise around the world and provides diverse professional growth opportunities – As represented in our shared values, we are committed to growing our people.

Work/Life Balance

We live in a high-stress world where demands on our time can be challenging. World Kitchen is committed to helping our people maintain a healthy work/life balance and has cultivated several programs to support this.